Apria Healthcare

A Blackstone Company and leader in the medical supply industry.

Out of the Stone Age

Apria Health Care came to us with a request to make a website that could serve as an online portal for their members, as well as a recruitment tool for potential customers. They needed a simple and straightforward answer to simplify their complicated industry and a way to reach potential customers on an emotional level.

And it's Reborn

Apria offers more to its customers than simple placement. One of the most important features that Apria offers is its ability to place seniors in the lifestyle they are looking for, not just the home. It was important to help sell potential customers on the lifestyle they will be buying into, as well as the medical care and support they would be receiving.

Customer Re-order Portal

Using an app approach, we designed a custom web portal to allow customers to access their personal profiles and reorder their specific equipment. The experience needed to be clean and simple so that Apria’s users would find it familiar and easy to use. The result was an online portal that can be used as an app for reordering, and a website that shows the difference that Apria really makes for its customers.

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