Better U Foundation

Jim Carrey is without a doubt the most entertaining client.


When we went to Jim's beautiful house, and he invited us to join him in his living room, we knew this was going to be an adventure. Not only one of the most amazing people we have ever met, but his foundation had our jaws dropped. We learned about the Better U Foundation and quickly understood that Jim had found the key to unlock resources to make a massive impact on global poverty and related social issues.


Jim wanted an experience that would take a user through the entire story of Better U. The site also had to show a village before and after Better U had been introduced. Check out the site and experience the hand sketched village interaction we built. Thank you Jim Carrey for allowing GigaSavvy to work with you and your amazing foundation. We were honored.

Jim and Corey

Jim Carrey has been such a great client to work with. Inviting us into his home and into his gallery, has been a great experience for our team. When Corey is able to make Jim laugh, it's a great day!

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