Epic Battles and Winners in Gigasavvy’s first Ping Pong Tournament

Gigasavvy’s first ever Ping Pong Tournament draws a crowd of thousands.

Ok, we may be stretching those numbers a bit—but there was a lot of cheering.


Excitement filled in the air as the first contenders took to the table in what would ultimately be an epic battle—not only a battle of talent but also mighty determination and the will to win the ultimate crown.

Tensions ran high as the tournament wore on, and more players fell on the battlefield, relegating themselves to the sad and sorry losers corner. As contenders continued to dwindle, the potential winners became abundantly clear. Soon, two of Gigasavvy’s finest would go head-to-head in a final match to claim ultimate victory.

Would it be Gigasavvy’s  Kyle Roberts or the talented Trina Parkin? Official odds put the game at an even 50/50.

In the end, it was Kyle who emerged victorious. He now reigns over the ping pong universe—at least until the next round.

Take a look at some of the highlights from the 2015 Gigasavvy Ping Pong Tourny.

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