Love for Technology. Devotion to People. Passion for Design. This is Gigasavvy.

History molds you.

With roots starting in the Bay Area amidst the prime of the dotcom boom, Corey Mangold & Joel Tanner were destined to meet and build something amazing. They just had no idea it would happen in 2008 and in Orange County of all places.

Humble Beginning

Corey and Joel merge two start-up agencies to form what we know today as Gigasavvy. With a staff of 10, Corey and Joel begin the long road of growth. Not knowing what the future would hold, they knew that quality work and effective marketing would be the vehicle that would get Gigasavvy to where it is today.

A Reputation is Built

Gigasavvy becomes a premier agency in Orange County with clients such as Toshiba, Knott's Berry Farm, Apria Healthcare, Broadcom, Blackstone, and other industry leaders. Building this all while never outsourcing, maintaining high quality standards and building an amazing company culture that would soon lead Gigasavvy to three years running of Top 10 Places to Work in Orange County.

Home Sweet Home

With a belief that history is what molds us, Gigasavvy secures one of two commercial buildings on the Historical Registry, built in 1894. After nearly 18 months in demolition and construction, Gigasavvy moves into their new building that features its own bowling alley, 40 seat fully stocked bar, and easily one of the most creative buildings in Southern California.


Our Origin Story

When we founded the agency, we wanted to name it something original, not just after one person’s last name. We brainstormed until we landed on “Gigasavvy.” “Giga” means “billion.” “Savvy” means “knowledge.” We are a team of strategists, designers, producers, and developers, an agency with many last names and billions of savvy brain cells.

Without our collective creativity, without each other, Gigasavvy is just another agency. Together, though, we are truly agents of change. Together, we build legacies.

Our Family Is Always Growing

We're in the business of building great things.