Drew Alexander

Art Director

I was born and raised in the great Midwest. I'm a novice movie critic, a dog father, a wannabe golf pro, and an avid Green Bay Packers fan. My interest in design began at an early age. My grandfather owned and operated a design shop when I was a kid and I became hooked after I helped print and apply my first decal. As I progressed from paint, to pencil, to digital, I learned that I truly enjoyed creating and also developed a keen eye that appreciated good work.

I’m a well rounded creative with experience in digital & print design, videography, branding, and art direction. Pushing myself to grow and learn new aspects of design, outside of my comfort zone, is always something I strive for.

  • Going on hikes with my girlfriend & my dog
  • Watching and playing sports
  • Going to see live music
Bucket List
  • Visit Europe
  • Be an extra in a blockbuster movie
  • Watch the Packers win a Superbowl in person
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