Emily Jones

Emily is the queen of wearing lots of marketing hats, though a tiara never seems to be one of them. An Orange County girl at heart, she joins the Gigasavvy team back on home turf with a degree in Communication and Digital Studies from USC, which means she likes to talk, and talk nerdy.

A self-admitted geek with a flair for all things digital, Emily also brings acute attention to detail, Hermione-Granger-precision, and pixel perfection to every client project she manages whether it’s website, print, or broadcast. With an affinity for design and development, she adds a holistic perspective to the account team.

When she isn’t masterminding, Emily enjoys playing video games, staying up-to-date on the latest digital trends, and making plans to adopt a cat in the near future.

  • Tracking down the best latté in SoCal
  • Video Games/Nintendo
  • Attending comic conventions
  • Wine
  • Temporary tattoos
Bucket List
  • Travel to Japan and South Korea
  • Visit as many cat cafes as possible
  • Get over temporary tattoos and get a real tattoo
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