Krystyn Slack

As the Beacon of Happiness - yes, that is her real job title - Krystyn Slack is the curator of Gigasavvy’ company culture. Krystyn has a passion for cultivating spaces where authentic community can thrive and finding opportunities to carry out personalized, random acts of happiness for the team.

Outside of her role at Gigasavvy, Krystyn is an internationally and domestically published photographer and writer and the Founder and Editor in Chief of the growing In 2017 she became the first-ever female photographer and journalist to cover all 29 AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) sanctioned professional motocross/supercross races in a single season.

Her career path has been anything but traditional. From being a professional performer at Disneyland for almost a decade to founding her own company, one thing remains constant: Krystyn follows her passions and invests wholeheartedly into every venture.

  • Action Sports Photography
  • Personal Development
  • Training at UFC Gym
  • Disneyland
Bucket List
  • Photograph the Northern Lights from Finland
  • Compete in a Kickboxing Fight
  • Be a TED Speaker
  • Write a Book
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