Stacey Dockrill

Director of Biz Ops

After 5 years at Gigasavvy doing all of the behind the scenes stuff that no one else wanted to do, she has earned the title of Director of Business Operations. She is now a part of our senior leadership team, and oversees the ongoing growth of multiple areas of Gigasavvy’s business operations including Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Office Management, Legal matters, and much more. Prior to joining the Gigasavvy team in 2010, Stacey worked in various industries within the Corporate world - nothing like Agency life. Stacey provides support to virtually every department within the company, overseeing and implementing the day-to-day minutia every business needs to run efficiently. Stacey also holds another full time job as a mother of two and a wife of one. In her spare time, you can usually find her enjoying a good glass of wine, rocking out at concerts, checking out the latest movie, or doing pretty much anything outdoors.

  • Wine, Wine, and more wine.
  • Black and white Photography, Landscapes and candid shots of life all around
  • Catching up on sleep
  • Camping, hiking, anything outdoorsy
Bucket List
  • Unplug and Travel to Italy and rent a tuscan villa with no access to internet.
  • Blow up a car movie style
  • Own a winery
  • "Adopt a load of homeless animals and have a ranch where they can all stay "
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