Sven Johnston

Founding Partner

Sven has been on board since 2009 and was employee number 2. He has 20 years of extensive international business development experience including work throughout Germany, South Africa and Australia. His passion for marketing started early at the age of 12 collecting Bacardi Rum radio jingles and Coca Cola movie advertising clips as well as promotional posters. At the age of 18 he did an internship with BBDO in Germany, which was his first stint in a global advertising agency. He has a passion for moving seemingly impossible projects through to successful completion, even taking on giants like LinkedIn. After spearheading a five-month online media campaign in 2009, Sven was able to convince the board of LinkedIn to grant Orange County its own regional location code, which thousands of users utilize everyday. His role at Gigasavvy is to be a brand ambassador and attract clients like Johnny Rockets, Knotts Berry Farm, Dita, Jim Carrey’s Better U Foundation, Molina Healthcare, So Cal PGA, Northgate Markets, Chuck Jones and Baldwin.

  • Family time
  • Snooker
  • Golf
  • Travel
  • Anything Tech
Bucket List
  • African Safari with the family
  • Opening an office in Melbourne and Hamburg
  • Have lunch with Richard Branson
  • Buy a Shelby Cobra
  • Build an addition to the house for a full size Snooker table
Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
We're in the business of building great things.