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Introducing RecruiterZapper for Chrome by Gigasavvy

Agency News 03.31.16 | 2 min read

Citizens of LinkedIn, listen up!

Are you tired of having your job hunt riddled with false promises, clogged inboxes, and wasted time at appointments with staffing firms? Or are you fed up with piles of “applicants” that are actually recruiters trying to shove their candidates down your throat for a fee?

If this scenario sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. In one study, we found that 99.9% of professionals on LinkedIn have been affected by what we call Chronic Recruiter Harassment. Chronic Recruiter Harassment is a proven clear and present threat to the peace and sanity of professionals everywhere. An astounding 89% of those affected by Chronic Recruiter Harassment also suffer from Post-Annoyed Stress Disorder. Symptoms of PASD include swearing, slamming of keyboard keys, and in extreme cases, defenestration of office equipment. With severe cases of PASD on the rise, something had to be done.

Finally, after numerous clinical trials, research studies, and late nights, Gigasavvy has your solution. Introducing RecruiterZapper, the new Chrome extension that will solve all of your problems by eliminating the cause. Recruiters will be banished from your entire LinkedIn browsing experience. All you need to do is download, install, and activate.

Recruiters in Search Results: gone.

Recruiters in People You May Know: gone.

Recruiters in Invitations to Connect: gone.


As you can see in the demo below, you can even type “recruiter” into the search and LinkedIn will generate 0 results with the RecruiterZapper activated.

This April Fool’s day, the joke is on the recruiters. Don’t delete them; zap them for good. RecruiterZapper is a completely real, working Chrome Extension. Available for MAC or PC. Download RecruiterZapper for free here.

Enjoy, and you’re welcome.



Alyson Ben-Yehuda

Alyson Ben-Yehuda, Senior Media Strategist

Alyson has over a decade of experience in digital marketing and traditional PR. She began her digital marketing journey in the SEO field before finding her true love in social media and transitioning to agency life. Alyson’s love of social media was sparked with the founding of her beauty blog, The Gloss Menagerie, in 2008. At Gigasavvy, she has her hands on many of our marketing clients. Alyson specializes in finding a brand’s voice and cultivating engagement and community on their social media platforms. Known as our Facebook Ads Queen, she has even been known to live chat with Facebook reps just to talk shop in her “spare time” what a nerd. When she isn’t at the office (wait, when is that?), Alyson enjoys playing with makeup, cooking, having a Netflix marathon with her 2 cats, or practicing yoga. It takes a lot of vinyasa to stay sane in the agency world!

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