How To Sell Yourself–Without Selling Out

Perhaps the most overwhelming part of running a successful blog is the business of blogging. Pitches that come to you, pitches you make to brands, sponsorships, ambassadorships if you’re fortunate, and the myriad of other advertising possibilities can start to pile up. How you manage these opportunities while balancing your personal brand will make or break your blog in the long run. There are two essential things all of you bloggers must do in order to navigate the seas of selling yourself (without selling out): know your worth, and choose your partners wisely. Knowing Your Worth as a Blogger Yes, current marketing climates are relying on influencers and bloggers more and more. There are more opportunities than ever before, and there are many well-intentioned people out there telling bloggers to know their own worth. Unfortunately there aren’t as many people actually explaining how to calculate it. You must not only be confident enough to ask for what you are worth, but you must also be able to demonstrate that value to a brand accurately. Do brands need influencers? Yes. Does that automatically mean they need you? Not necessarily. Not every influencers is the perfect fit for every campaign. Just because […]

Facebook Reactions: What it Means For Marketing, Social, and Engagement

  The moment you can really express how you feel about someone’s wonderful or offensive Facebook post is here, well, sort of.  The whole world is reacting to Facebook’s “Like button reaction” that rolled out last week, which features buttons like “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry.” This has no doubt created some buzz, as well as confusion among marketers about what this means for marketing on Facebook. What does this mean for brands? How will it be measured? And, how can we leverage this new feature? We have taken a dive into the reactions, tested the features, and discussed them to come up with our answers. Take a look.   What Does Facebook Reactions Mean for Engagement? There will likely be an increase in engagement with the added options to engage. Some may agree that reaction buttons will increase engagement for brands since there will be more ways to express how they feel about the content they’re viewing. Users who are generally unengaged will be tempted to react to news articles and status updates with the easy to use new featured buttons.  This will positively impact the way users react to content, especially if they find the content sad […]

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