Corey Mangold


Corey Mangold spearheads creative development, Web development and application development for the Gigasavvy team. Mangold brings nearly 20 years of experience, designing his first online communities and forums pre-Internet. (It’s tough to imagine, but there really was life before the Internet.) His deep understanding of every facet of Web design and development allows Mangold to lead team members in programming, troubleshooting and new technology training. His vast expertise extends to traditional and online marketing, color theory, Web usability, eCommerce, search engine marketing and application development—skills that are a bigger hit with clients than they are at cocktail parties.

Mangold’s focus is on optimizing Gigasavvy’s services, nurturing further expansion and creating a company culture that infuses creativity into every part of the business. Prior to founding Gigasavvy, Mangold founded several online companies. He also plays a pretty mean game of foosball.

  • Anything with a motor
  • Building businesses
  • Design & Development
Bucket List
  • Summit Anconcagua
  • Build a ranch in Colorado
  • See my kids get married and have kids
  • Play golf at St. Andrews
A camel is a horse by committees
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