Corey Mangold

Mangold brings over 20 years of experience designing and developing compelling customer experiences across a wide variety of industries. His deep understanding of both technology and design allows him to provide a unique perspective to the agency's brand partners. His vast expertise extends to traditional and digital marketing, color theory, UI/UX, ecommerce, and application development.

Prior to founding Gigasavvy, Mangold founded several online companies and continues to push the company to explore new partnerships and investments, while also being a strong advocate of a company culture that infuses creativity into every part of the business.

Mangold’s focus is on innovation and furthering Gigasavvy's expansion into new lines of business. He also plays a pretty mean game of foosball.

  • Anything with a motor
  • Building businesses
  • Design & Development
Bucket List
  • Summit Anconcagua
  • Build a ranch in Colorado
  • See my kids get married and have kids
  • Play golf at St. Andrews
A camel is a horse by committees
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