Joel Tanner

Tanner has his hands in everything Gigasavvy does, from overseeing the company's strong technology infrastructure to further developing the agency's award winning company culture. His many years of experience date from pre-Google SEO and the earliest forms of social media, to today's complex and ever changing strategies.

As an entrepreneur from the age of 12, Tanner grew up alongside both technology and marketing, building engaging, large scale online communities, to consulting in some of the industry's most competitive verticals.

Tanner focuses on providing a commonsense approach to agency and client strategies, offering practical insight in a space that is frequently over complicated. If he's not at the office, he's mostly likely sipping a Mai Tai at the local tiki bar.

  • Traditional and Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy/Optimization/Event Management
  • Web Development
  • Analytics
  • Online Community Development
Bucket List
  • Spend a year or more traveling the planet.
Joel firmly believes that 'marketing' is the center of the universe when it comes to human communication, from the most basic herd behavior to the most complex advertising campaign, crossing all behavioral, social, philosophical, spiritual, political, and commercial boundaries.
We're in the business of building great things.