Joel Tanner


Joel Tanner has his hands in everything Gigasavvy does, from business development to SEO and social media—and they’re pretty experienced hands. Tanner grew up alongside the technology that now keeps his clients’ companies growing and among the top-ranked sites on search engines. An entrepreneur from the age of 12, Tanner’s broad knowledge base encompasses IT, entertainment, automotive, retail and everything in between. His nearly 20 years of industry experience dates from pre-Google SEO and the earliest forms of social media and has continued through to the latest digital and mobile technology. Tanner takes a commonsense approach to guiding clients through the evolving landscape of digital marketing, offering practical insight in a space that is frequently overcomplicated with unnecessary tactics and strategies that lead nowhere. He helps build businesses and brands through solutions, not sales, relying on the design and implementation of effective marketing strategies. The years he’s spent developing, testing and proving techniques and formulas for successfully merging technology and marketing have been fueled by a true passion for helping clients succeed.

  • Traditional and Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy/Optimization/Event Management
  • Web Development
  • Analytics
  • Online Community Development
Bucket List
  • Spend a year or more traveling the planet.
Joel firmly believes that 'marketing' is the center of the universe when it comes to human communication, from the most basic herd behavior to the most complex advertising campaign, crossing all behavioral, social, philosophical, spiritual, political, and commercial boundaries.
We're in the business of building great things.