Welcome to the Gigasavvy Blog!

Gigasavvy Welcome

Welcome to the all new Gigasavvy blog. We are excited to be opening up discussions about current trends and strategies in digital and traditional marketing. As a full service marketing and advertising agency, we pride ourselves on strategy and thought leadership.

Over the last 5 years at Gigasavvy we have developed an amazing team of creatives, marketers, content creators, and strategists. We will all be contributing to the Gigasavvy blog and invite you to enjoy our posts. We feel that all of our new and existing Gigasavvy fans and clients will not only gain knowledge by reading through our blog, but also have a better understanding of the exciting Gigasavvy culture.

The partners of Gigasavvy, myself (Corey Mangold), Joel Tanner, Adam Horowitz, Kyle Johnston, Sven Johnston, Mitch Fait, and Rod Foster, are excited to share our amazing company with you.