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A Burger Campaign with Attitude

Badass Burger Campaign


In response to changing consumer behavior amidst rising inflation after the pandemic, Black Angus needed a solution to drive more to-go orders, without cannibalizing higher ticket item sales. Take out ordering with steak is tricky due to carryover cooking after entrees are packed. Burger menus are much more conducive to off-premise dining. Black Angus needed to develop an identity around a complete burger offering, which was not featured on their existing menu.


Black Angus


Creative Strategy
Design & Copy Production
Packaging & Physical Assets
Integrated Campaign


Black Angus is known for large portion sizes and rich flavors. Building off of this, they came to Gigasavvy with the idea of offering “Badass Burgers” — which also plays off of the brand’s initials — for this new take-out only menu. With each burger being cooked to order on an open flame, featuring over-the-top flavors and toppings, Gigasavvy took a  “Harley Davidson of burgers” approach to developing the Badass Burger concept.

Gigasavvy helped Black Angus develop off-the-wall names for each new burger on the menu to help set customer expectations. We backed up the new menu offering with attention-grabbing, flame graphics that evoke a sense of badass ruggedness. 

To drive orders, we developed an integrated campaign that reached customers across multiple touchpoints. This included digital ads and web assets, as well as take-out bag inserts, in-store signage and collateral, in order to promote the full burger line to loyal customers who were already visiting the restaurants.


The new burger line and associated campaign elements stoked the hunger of off-premise diners with the promise of over-the-top, bold flavors. Just two weeks into the launch of the campaign, these ads garnered the highest number of clicks as compared to other promotional offers. 

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