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Local Marketing Campaign

D.R. Horton


Imagine a digital campaign that doesn’t just capture leads but captures hearts along the way. That was the vision for D.R. Horton’s “Building Memories” campaign. In a landscape crowded with options, we needed to construct a narrative that stood out, one that didn’t just speak to potential buyers but spoke of them, their dreams, and their aspirations.


D.R. Horton


Market Research
Go to Market Strategy
Creative Strategy
Concept & Campaign Design
Design & Copy Production


“Building Memories” was conceptualized not as a mere campaign but as a journey through the milestones of life that a home could promise. Our creative assets were crafted to reflect these stories, with every image, video, and line of copy carefully pieced together to resonate with the emotional and practical desires of families. Through strategic media placements and a fine-tuned messaging framework, we bridged the gap between homebuilding and memory-making.


The results? A heartfelt campaign that translated into measurable success. Our “Building Memories” creatives soared, yielding a 10% higher click through rate and a 22% more efficient cost per landing page view than the company’s standard creatives. The CTV video further cemented the campaign’s impact with a significant uplift in completion rates. By the close of 2023, the “Building Memories” campaign was the beginning of countless homeowners’ stories, with metrics that told of a strategy that reached beyond the screen and into the lives of our audience.

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