Case Study

Redefining What Healthy Is

Founded in 1984, the original vision for the Flame Broiler restaurants was to serve simple, healthy, fast food. Over the course of their rapid growth to almost 200 locations, something along the way was lost in translation. The association of “asian rice bowls” and other limiting characterizations didn’t necessarily align the brand and its food with the simple, healthy, well balanced lifestyle the founder had originally envisioned. Flame Broiler came to Gigasavvy to rebrand the restaurant and help redefine and reposition the brand for continued growth, while crafting a cross channel awareness campaign to drive awareness and action.

  • Complete rebrand from the logo and tagline, to menu boards and store signage
  • 100+ creative assets developed
  • Cross channel awareness campaign launching Sept. 2017 (TV, OOH, Social Media, Search, Digital Display & In-store)

Healthy Is


The Flame Broiler restaurant chain was already very successful financially, the growth trajectory was positive, and the franchisee model was solid, but the brand wasn’t in alignment with the vision. The challenge therefore was simple, but had inherent risk: Completely redefine the brand around the original company vision, without sacrificing existing sales and foot traffic.


A redefined brand, doesn’t just mean a new logo and tagline. We first polled and listened to our audience via a series of efficiently run surveys and consumer research. Once the data pointed us in a clear direction, it was off to the races with a new logo, tagline, brand voice and messaging concepts, a full revamp of the restaurant’s interior design, a fresh approach to ordering via newly designed menu boards, and a cross channel campaign concept launching in the Fall of 2017 across multiple channels including TV, OOH, Social Media, Search and Digital Display.

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