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Radar Tires B2B Brand Campaign

Giving a Tire Brand Better Traction


When Singapore-based Omni United began selling tires in the United States, they faced stiff competition from several established brands with loyal followers. Many of these more traditional players offer top-tier, premium tires with a high-end price tag. With their more efficient business model, Omni United is able to manufacture premium tires for a fraction of the cost. But when they started selling these products in the U.S. under the Radar Tires brand, they had trouble gaining traction with retailers and consumers. 

American consumers’ awareness of and access to Radar Tires was limited based on the number of retailers offering the products in their tire shops. Despite having a wide range of high-quality SKUs at an affordable price, very few retailers had begun to sell the brand. Many were skeptical of the low price and simply did not feel comfortable offering a brand they had not heard of. Radar Tires needed a brand campaign that would turn unaware audiences into brand-loyal believers.


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Some of the larger and more established tire brands spend a great deal on consumer advertising through sporting event sponsorships, celebrity endorsements, and nationwide ad campaigns. As a challenger in the American market, Radar Tires was laser-focused on achieving scalable growth by building a base of retailers in specific markets near their distribution centers. By focusing their efforts on efficient B2B marketing, they were able to avoid passing down the costs of their competitors’ more expensive gimmicks. 

Gigasavvy leveraged this to help retailers understand the reasons to believe in the brand with a three-part Premium Accessibility campaign. Rather than seeing Radar Tires as being priced too low to contain high quality, the campaign’s initial No Gimmicks tagline called attention to the artificially high prices of the competition. The second wave of the campaign further reinforced this with a strong headline emphasizing that Premium is Not a Price Tag. Throughout the campaign, all messaging helped retailers understand Radar Tires as the embodiment of Premium Accessibility.


The Premium Accessibility campaign was brought to life across a wide range of online and offline tactics, including trade magazine print, email and digital display, online interviews, and product feature articles during industry trade shows. Retailers were further supported with in-store point-of-purchase materials, catalogs, and branded merchandise, which was delivered by newly wrapped delivery trucks. Every placement was designed to build awareness and reinforce Radar Tires’ position as a Premium Accessible brand. 

The Premium Accessibility message caught the attention of target audiences and industry veterans. The campaign landing page consistently ranked within the top 10 web pages viewed globally over the course of the six-month campaign, helping to increase overall website traffic by 39.3%. The campaign also helped the brand generate qualified leads, allowing Radar Tires to expand into a new state and bring three new retailer partners into the fold — all of which ultimately expanded Radar Tires’ reach to more U.S. consumers. Premium Accessibility has now become part of the overarching brand vernacular.

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