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Y’ALL Need Premium Snacks 

Creating a Brand for Better Consumer Packaged Goods


The epitome of a convenience store is that it should feel convenient — a place where you can quickly find affordable drinks and snacks. An added bonus would be drinks and snacks you can feel good about — and that’s exactly what CEFCO offers. 

With their new premium bottled water, fun portfolio of snacks, and donations for every sale going toward the Fikes Foundation, CEFCO was looking for a standout brand to let consumers know that these are not your typical store-brand products, but ones they can also feel good about. 




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As an integral part of the local community, CEFCO is committed to providing the best customer experience to every customer, every day. It starts with clean, well-lit stores and extends to a selection of products that help make life a little better. That was the thought behind bringing high-quality bottled alkaline water and craveable snacks to every one of the nearly 200 locations in the southern United States.

When CEFCO wanted to update the private label for their line of drinks and snacks, we tapped into the CEFCO difference, setting them apart from other C-Stores by shining a spotlight on their community roots. Tapping into some good old fashioned southern sass, we gave their bottled water and signature snacks a makeover by creating the Y’ALL brand with five cleverly named signature products; because what feels more southern than welcoming y’all in for some good quality sustenance? 


The sassy southern name and bold Y’ALL packaging turned previously generic grab bags into must-have treats. As the first Y’ALL product to launch, Y’ALL bottled water quickly became the number one selling water bottle on CEFCO store shelves. 

The Y’ALL private label brand also generated a lot of conversation at the NACS Show convenience store trade show, where other convenience store owners were eager to learn about CEFCO’s secrets to success.

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