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Brand Identity Services

Your brand identity is the heart and soul of your brand.

It is the combination of how your brand looks, feels, and sounds.
Whatever stage your company is in, we can help make sure your brand identity matches your vision.

  • How it looks
  • How it sounds
  • How it speaks

How it looks

Logo | Look & Feel


How it sounds

Name | Positioning


How it speaks

Voice | Personality

Brandini Toffee logo comparison

Our Services

Brand Purpose

What you stand for, and the values you uphold.

Brand Architecture

The organized structure of products, services, and offerings.

Logo Design

The face of your brand, and how your fans come to know you.

Why Gigasavvy

Gigasavvy uses a cross-functional team of brand experts that combine visual branding, brand strategy, and a
human-centric process to understand the core elements of your brand.

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What They Say:

Client Testimonials

Daniel & Christian Lee | Flame Broiler

When the quarantine orders started coming down, it was a very scary time to be in the restaurant industry. It still is, but Gigasavvy has been an integral part of our strategic planning as we respond to a landscape that’s constantly changing.

Gigasavvy has been with us every step as we find creative solutions to reach consumers in new ways. Our business is weathering this storm, and that’s in part because of the incredible flexibility and integrated support from the Gigasavvy team; plus the strong brand they’ve helped us build over the last few years.

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