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6 Ways Systems Can Fuel Your Strategy

Strategy, Agency 04.18.24Reading Time 3 minutes

While it may seem like systems stifle creativity, a creative agency is likely to tell you the opposite– they actually help ignite new ideas by providing structure and context. Systems are what allows for maximum creativity and optimal growth– for both our clients and our agency.

As my title (VP of Growth and Operations) indicates, both responsibilities of growth and operations are equally weighted in accomplishing key goals. In my 24-year career, I have worked with a myriad of organizations with varying degrees of system adoption, but one thing remains consistent across all environments: When it comes to sustainable, long-term growth through efficiency and increased productivity, the solution is in the systems.

What is a System?

A system is any structured framework, process, procedure, or technology that your organization puts in place to efficiently and effectively accomplish your goals and objectives.

This can look simple or complex and relate to operations, information, communication, finances, human resources, and/or quality management systems within any organization. At its core, a system is intended to give you a process or framework so that you do not have to continually reinvent the wheel in each new project. Systems can be implemented across different departments and needs and can be universally beneficial to everyone in your organization.

Systems Fuel Strategy

Strategists live both above the clouds and in the weeds. It is a delicate balance of keeping the big picture in mind while also ensuring that every detail supports the core objective. While strategy drives the direction and goals for your organization, systems provide the infrastructure and processes to execute that strategy. These two components work collaboratively to ensure that your organization’s objectives can be translated into action and real results.

Does this mean you need to be rigid to be successful? The opposite is true. It is important that both systems and strategy are established with some flexibility and adaptability in mind as your business needs and priorities evolve. System-supported strategies can drive benefits for everyone in the organization:

  1. Efficiency and Productivity: Systems streamline processes, reduce redundancy, and minimize errors, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.
  2. Consistency and Quality: Systems provide a framework for consistency in operations and service delivery. When tasks are performed consistently according to established processes, it leads to higher-quality outcomes.
  3. Scalability: Systems enable businesses to scale their operations efficiently. By standardizing processes and workflows, businesses can more easily replicate and expand their operations. This scalability supports strategic goals such as market expansion and increased market share.
  4. Risk Management and Compliance: Systems help businesses manage risks and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  5. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Systems provide access to data and analytics that can inform decision-making processes. By capturing and analyzing data, businesses can gain insights into their operations, market trends, and customer behavior. These insights help inform strategic decisions related to product development, marketing strategies, and resource allocation.
  6. Innovation: Systems can foster innovation within an organization by providing a structured framework for experimentation and improvement.

So, where do we start?

As they say, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Implementing systems can feel daunting but the benefits far outweigh the temporary discomforts. Set yourself up for success by starting with one system that will have the greatest benefit. Start by evaluating your current workflow. Where is your time going? What headaches would you most want to alleviate? What do you find yourself re-creating? By pinpointing your primary pain point, you can start to research available solutions that meet your objectives and your budget, and create a framework to streamline that process. Then you will be well on your way to systemizing your way to success.

Gigasavvy helps brands position themselves for long-term success with comprehensive strategies, meaningful brand stories, and innovative creative campaigns. Connect with us to chat about how we can help your brand build winning strategies.


Erin Naterman

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