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Gigasavvy Gets the Gold Twice – and Then Some

Branding, Strategy 03.18.24Reading Time 6 minutes

This year we had a great time celebrating at the AAF Orange County American Advertising Awards where we celebrated this craft that we love so dearly. We were honored to be recognized for our commitment to authentic storytelling and strategic branding with two Gold Addy Awards, three Silver Addy Awards and six Bronze Addy awards, in addition to an individual award for one of our team members.

Read on to see what we won and to check out the work.

Gold Addy Award Wins

HI-CHEW. Choose Different. Choose Fun. Chew HI-CHEW (:30 Spot)
Elements of Advertising: Animation, Special Effects and Motion Graphics

Recently we crafted a fun and colorful new commercial spot for HI-CHEW that celebrates the freedom to be yourself with our “Choose Different. Choose Fun. Chew HI-CHEW” concept. The animation, special effects and motion graphics we created for this spot earned has generated great results for HI-CHEW and has earned us a Gold Addy Award in Orange County. The spot also went on to receive a regional Gold Addy Award for District 15, and will be moving on to compete at the national level. See the video and the case study here.

Flexfit Catalog Photography
Elements of Advertising: Still Photography, Campaign

When Flexfit wanted to take a fresh approach to B2B marketing, we jumped in with both feet, creating a fun storyboard that captures the many ways these tech forward hats can take stylish brands to the next level. We managed a photo shoot to capture creative product shots that were used for the latest Flexfit catalog, earning them a great deal of attention from their buyers, and also earning us a Gold Addy Award. Check out some of the photography in our case study here.

Silver Addy Award Wins

Flexfit Shot Show (:60 spot)
Film, Video and Sound: Internet Commercial Single Spot

Our Flexfit photography wasn’t the only project which won accolades for this client. Earlier in the year, we also produced a :30 video spot called “Flexfit Shot Show,” which was designed to highlight the state of the art technology that only Flexfit can offer. This video was recognized with a Silver Addy Award:

Flexfit Made for This (:60 spot)
Film, Video and Sound: Internet Commercial Single Spot

Not long after completing the Flexfit Shot Show project, we began work on another concept for Flexfit to showcase the versatility of the brand’s wide ranging line of products. With designs stylish enough for even the most discerning audiences and performance that brings undeniable breathability and comfort, Flexfit hats are perfectly designed for every situation. That was the thought behind our “Made For This” campaign concept, which earned a Silver Addy Award with this spot:

HI-CHEW. Choose Different. Choose Fun. Chew HI-CHEW (:30 Spot)
Film, Video and Sound: TV Advertising for a National Single Spot

In addition to winning a Gold Addy Award for our animation, special effects and animated graphics, the “Choose Different. Choose Fun. Chew HI-CHEW.” commercial :30 spot was also honored with a Silver Addy award in the National Single Spot category for TV Advertising.

Bronze Addy Award Wins

West Coast University When Your Caring is Calling (:60 Spot)
Film, Video and Sound: TV Advertising, Local, One DMA, Single Spot

Having worked with West Coast University before, we were well aware of their commitment to delivering not only a quality education, but also to bolstering the communities they serve with highly-qualified, mission-ready healthcare professionals. That led Gigasavvy to conceptualize the “When Caring is Your Calling” campaign, which was localized each of West Coast University’s markets. Our approach was recognized with a Silver Addy Award for TV advertising running in a local market, and helped to attract many more students to the healthcare profession. Read the full case study and watch the commercial spot here.

American Career College Your Story (:60 Spot)
Film, Video and Sound: TV Advertising, Local, One DMA, Single Spot

All healthcare heroes have a story, a reason they chose to serve others and to pursue their noble profession. That was the thought behind the American Career College “Your Story” campaign, which features real ACC alumni sharing their story about what drives them to give their best each and every day. By telling their stories, we were able to weave a narrative that helps American Career College recruit new classes of healthcare students for America’s future, earning us a Bronze Addy award in the process for this video.

D.R. Horton Building Memories (:15 Spot)
Film, Video and Sound: Internet Commercial Campaign

When you buy a new home, you aren’t just moving into a house, you are moving forward in the next big chapter of your life, in the place where you will make memories. This thought captures the essence of our D.R. Horton Building Memories campaign, which was originally conceptualized for a single market and was soon used in multiple cities, earning D.R. Horton strong results in several markets around the United States. Read the case study full case study and see the video spot here.

Black Angus Badass Burger Campaign
Integrated Ad Campaign: National

The restaurant industry has shifted dramatically over the years, leading Black Angus to create an off-premise strategy that could serve audiences who want to enjoy easy restaurant-quality food without the dine-in experience. We helped launch the sassy new line of Black Angus Badass Burgers with edgy branding and an integrated campaign that highlighted the bold, flame-kissed flavors of the new burger brand. The campaign earned us a Bronze Addy Award. See the full mouth-watering campaign here.

Black Angus Market Brand Development
Integrated Brand Identity Campaign: National

Black Angus also recognizes that there are times when audiences also want to take home their hand-cut, 21-day aged steaks, farm-to-fork poultry, sustainable seafood, signature sauces, and other quality ingredients to prepare beautiful meals at home. To meet the demand, they built out an online marketplace to offer all of these products to audiences for local pickup at any nationwide location. Gigasavvy developed fresh branding to highlight the top-tier quality of the ingredients, earning us a Bronze Addy Award. Check out the fresh brand story here.

Flexfit Made for This Social Media Content
Online Interactive: Social Media Campaign

Our Flexfit “Made for This” campaign concept came to life across multiple mediums, including organic social media content, which has helped the brand to double quarter-over-quarter audience engagement on Flexfit’s social media channels, as well as doubling the brand’s online order activity. If you have not yet read the full case study, be sure to check it out here.

Individual Addy Award

Cameron Muir, Gigasavvy Sr. Account Manager
Wizards of Advertising: Above and Beyond Award

Last, but certainly not least, our very own Cameron Muir was recognized with an Addy Award in the Above and Beyond category of the Wizards of Advertising awards, for his day-in and day-out commitment to doing whatever is needed to help his clients get tell their brand and campaign stories, to drive the results business results they are looking for. Many thanks and congratulations to Cameron!

Gigasavvy is a strategic brand, content and creative agency that believes in the power of big ideas to drive big results. We thrive in helping clients unpack challenges, chase goals and realize opportunities. Connect with us to chat about how we can help you drive your brand forward.


Melissa Zarb

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