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B2B Product Marketing Campaign

Highlighting the Unmatched Original in Headwear


Flexfit, a leader in headwear technology, needed to leap from being an industry-insider secret to a consumer sensation. The brand’s legacy of headwear innovation since 1994 needed a fresh narrative to outshine competitors who had mirrored their original sweatband design. That meant spotlighting their signature tech so compellingly that wearers wouldn’t settle for anything less in their headwear.




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We set out to turn Flexfit’s innovation into the gold standard in consumer headwear demands. To differentiate Flexfit’s superior technology and quality, the “Made For This” campaign was born. It was a strategy poised to demonstrate that Flexfit caps aren’t just made, they’re engineered for excellence, designed to transcend various industries with a common thread of unparalleled comfort and durability.

The campaign’s crown jewel was a suite of high-end videos, including a captivating 60-second anthem spot with shorter :15 and :30-second cuts, all targeted to engage customers and appeal to a curated brand audience. These pieces affirm that Flexfit caps are crafted to outperform in every sector, from streetwear to workwear.

To support the visual narrative, we worked with Flexfit to roll out a multi-channel engagement plan with polished product catalogs, strategic social media content, and engaging newsletters. Each channel worked in concert to present Flexfit not just as a product, but as a pivotal piece of personal attire for varied lifestyles and demands, confirming Flexfit’s position as the definitive headwear technology brand.


The campaign brought new energy to Flexfit’s consumer interactions, transforming their online presence, making a positive impact on their social profiles and setting the stage for us to bring the same, elevated consumer-centric look to their new 2024 catalog. 

Instagram saw a 65% year-over-year surge in post engagement and a 15% uptick in quarterly impressions, while Facebook saw a 151% rise in content clicks from Q1 to Q2, and a 160% boost in post engagement between Q2 and Q3. These achievements not only elevated brand awareness, establishing Flexfit products as the superior choice, but also helped to drive a 130% increase in online orders.

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