Positive Propaganda: State Of The Creative Revolution Vol. 2


The state of the creative revolution is alive and well.

If you’ve been reading, watching, or listening to the news lately there’s a good chance you’re feeling overwhelmed; caught somewhere between the hope of a world opening back up and the devastating effects of climate change, the promise of a more equitable society, and the brutal reality of oppressed people across the globe, the excitement of exploring a new frontier beyond Earth’s atmosphere at odds with the taxes gone unpaid to afford such extravagant private missions to space.

Positive Propaganda is our quarterly review of inspiring and critical stories that matter. In our second installment, you’ll learn about the AI giving copywriters a run for their money, the ongoing influence of Keith Harring, Bodyform’s groundbreaking #Painstories campaign, life lessons from Maya Angelou and Hallmark, the boundary-pushing work from Adidas, why going BOLD is the only way for brands to succeed in a crowded market, what the Earth is saying to us, how one cat food brand is restoring coral reefs around the world, the most innovative Brand Experiences being crafted today, and how an 11-year-old invented popsicle by accident.

Without further ado, Gigasavvy presents Positive Propaganda Volume 2. Please enjoy by skimming through the embedded deck below or go full-screen with this link for a more immersive experience.