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6 Jedi Ways to Use The Force at Work

Agency Life, Culture 12.17.15 | 3 min read

My the fourth be with you. What better way to celebrate than to have a viewing party of your favorite Star Wars clips at the workplace? We’re always down for loads of lightsaber clashing, princess saving, droid blasting fun. 

At Gigasavvy, we are one with The Force—so we know how to use it to our advantage at the office. Here are six ways you can also use The Force to help you at work. 

#1: Never Give Up Faith

Some of the best Jedi in the galaxy have overcome the most difficult missions in the universe. So can you, if you focus on what lies ahead. Clear your mind; the answers are right in front of you. If not—well, you may have to deal with the consequences.

Star Wars Lack of Faith Tip 1

#2: Appearances Are Everything

Appearances and first impressions are everything. Make sure you pick the right look for your everyday presentation in the office and know when to step it up for a client meeting. After all, you would never catch Queen Amidala at her worst, not even during a Sith takeover.

Star Wars Queen Tip 2

#3: Use the Force Push to Say Back Off

For the moments when you are just arriving at the office, and you have everybody attacking you with questions before your morning coffee, The Force push is here to help. Asking people nicely to give you a minute is always a possibility, but nothing says, “but first, coffee” like being thrown out of the way by The Force.

Star Wars Force Push Tip 3

#4: Balance Your Time With the Force

Time management is probably the most important thing in the life of a professional. Luckily, Yoda is by your side to balance four website launches, three client meetings, and preheating the oven to make that one casserole for the holiday party that you’re oh so happy to go to–said no padawan ever.

Star Wars Balance Force Tip 4

#5: There Is No “I” in Team

Your co-workers are your friends, not your enemies (unless they decide to go all Anakin Skywalker and take down the whole Jedi Force, then you’re on your own). Rely on your marketing team to tell you the odds of conversion on that new landing page.

star wars team tip 5

#6: When All Else Fails…Cue the Tears

It’s the end of the day, and you are about to walk out the door at 5:05 and the project manager asks you for just “one more thing.” There’s just nothing quite like the old-fashioned waterworks to melt even the hardest of hearts of your enemy.

Disclaimer: The tears may or may not work, depending on the recipient. Use at your own risk. 

star wars tip 6
So now that you have an exclusive insight into how we use The Force as an agency, you can overcome any obstacle you encounter (no matter how tall or out of breath Darth Vader may seem). From all of us here at Gigasavvy we say—may The Force be with you.


Gigasavvy Staff

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