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Performance Pushed to the Edge


A product launch for a brand known for its cult following needs to balance excitement with the tech performance fans care about.




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Did you know that Razer fans are known to tattoo the Razer logo on their bodies? Literally? With a fan base that passionate, Razer’s product launch for its newest gaming laptop needed hype and excitement that would continue to build its momentum.

Needing to strike a balance between promoting technical features and benefits while appealing to Razer’s raving gamer communities was no small task, but Gigasavvy was up for the challenge. We helped Razer introduce the Blade Pro 17 with an eye catching colorful spot with upbeat music to leave viewers wanting more. Launched mostly over social and digital channels, the dynamic 3D animation positioned the new product as an alluring powerhouse laptop that gamers had to own.

RedScan_wide_4k_Alt1-web 1
RAZ520_ProductImage-Gaming_R2-web 2
Razer-Warp-Clean00021-web 2


The comprehensive campaign resulted in a widespread guerilla campaign, with stickers placed across Southern California and in some cases, around the globe. YOY impressions increased by 415% on Instagram and 820% on Facebook, leading to a 3.75% increase in Facebook engagement, and increased sales across all locations.

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