How to Choose the Right Email Service Provider

If you want to be a successful marketer in the year 2016, and you don’t have an email marketing strategy, you’re already behind. Whether you’re just getting started, or revamping your strategy, choosing the right email service provider is key. Your relationship with your email service provider will be one of the longest lasting, complex relationships you embark upon in your marketing career. There are several components you need to consider before shopping for an email service provider. Industry Whether you are in the business of fashion or food, there is an email service provider that will service your industry the best. Don’t be fooled; not every email service provider is the same, nor do they all offer the same services. There are specific platforms that cater, no pun intended, to restaurants and fast food chains. There are also specific platforms tailored to online retailers. Choosing an email service provider that has experience in your industry is key to running successful email campaigns. Complexity of Your Needs Now you need to determine the complexity of your email marketing campaigns. Are you a startup just learning how to communicate with your customers? Or do you want to expand your marketing efforts […]

What Introverts Need to Know to be Successful Networkers

Sven Johnston–Gigasavvy’s Senior Vice President, handler of business development and new business, and super connector extraordinaire. Sven’s talent lies in his ability to meet, mingle, and network. Not to mention, he seems to be friends with everyone (seriously, is there anyone left who doesn’t know Sven yet?). But a savvy networker, connector, and friend-everyone-wants are not what Sven has always been.    The Evolution of Sven Back in June 2009, Sven had 170 LinkedIn connections and only 10 Facebook friends. Pretty sad, right? Now Sven has over 10,000 LinkedIn connections and is gaining more all the time. He also runs two LinkedIn Groups: We Are Orange County (8000+ members) and OC Connectors (1000+ members) and has over 700 Facebook friends. So how did Sven grow from zero to networking hero? Here he shares his tips to turn an introvert, or anyone needing a little help in the schmoozing department, into a super connector (sorry, there’s no cape). Grow Your Online Presence LinkedIn Tips First, make sure your profile is complete and professional. A thoughtfully filled out profile is essential. LinkedIn even has a handy gauge you can see on the right-hand side of your profile that shows how complete it […]

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