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Announcing Studio4

Announcing Studio4: Gigasavvy’s Content Creation Studio

In response to a shift in consumer behaviors online away from static formats and towards more engaging content, Gigasavvy has launched Studio4, our integrated content creation studio. We are seeing increased demand both internally from clients and partners and externally in the broader marketplace.

The interest and desire for high-quality creative output is outstripping the supply. Audiences want more content and better storytelling, and brands need content that feeds that need while integrating harmoniously with their marketing strategies.

Video Is Dominating Content Today

Video has become both the most popular activity on the internet generally and a new key touchpoint on the buyer’s journey in a wide range of industries, B2C and B2B. 80-percent of people surveyed by Livestream and New York Magazine said that they would rather watch videos from a brand than read a blog. Furthermore, according to Social Media Week, users spend 88-percent more time browsing websites that have videos than those that don’t, and videos on landing pages increase conversion rates by as much as 80-percent.

Video consumption is also happening at more times throughout the day. Explainer, tutorial, demonstration, testimonial, and review videos have become a part of both work, play, and commerce. Which is why it’s not surprising that HubSpot found that the most popular viewing time for videos in the U.S. is on Wednesday between 7 and 11 AM PST. The real takeaway from that research is that consuming video content is happening pretty much around the clock.

Most audiences now say they prefer consuming video to reading content online for the simple reason that it’s easy, provides quick access to a lot of information, and because it gives them options. Text and images are purely visual. Podcasts are purely audio. Only video can be both or either. In fact, a study by Verizon Media indicated that 92-percent of consumers watch videos with the sound off and 50-percent use closed captioning.

The conventional wisdom among experienced marketers and trend watchers is that video is no longer just a value add on digital channels, it’s a necessity. No other format matches the level of engagement it offers — it’s a rare opportunity to express a brand’s values, character, and points of differentiation from competitors to an audience that is fully connected.

From Design to Execution, Studio4 is Comprehensive Content Production

The dedicated content team behind Studio4 is backed by Gigasavvy’s brand-building expertise. Studio4 will execute on the ideation and planning led by Gigasavvy and our partners, bringing campaigns to life with targeted, high-quality branded content.


  • Brand Film and Video Production
  • YouTube and Connected TV
  • Broadcast TV
  • Long Form Branded Content
  • Photography (Product, Lifestyle, Conceptual, Commercial)
  • Social Media and Influencer Content (Organic and Paid)
  • Live Streaming and Shopping
  • 3D, Animation, and Motion Graphics

With the increasing demand for video content, brands need a partner that can scale with them and support the growth of their brand online and off. They also need content creators with diverse capabilities and competencies across a wide range of digital channels.

Studio4 produces content tailored for every major social network:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Snap

And in a number of popular formats:

  • Film/Video Production
  • Photography
  • Branded Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Motion Graphics and Animation

Gigasavvy developed our in-house content creation studio as a means of leveraging interest in a storytelling tool that helps us better cut through the noise in the marketplace and accelerate brand growth by fostering genuine connections.

Commercial Production

  • Film
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Full-Service Production
  • Scalable Project Sizes
  • Multi-Channel and Platform Output

Branded Content

  • Short Films
  • Documentaries
  • Podcasts
  • Live-streams

Social Media Content

  • Organic
  • Paid
  • Subscription Model Content Packages

Studio4 is dedicated to crafting compelling brand experiences across channels and platforms that impact audiences where they are, by creating memorable moments that leave lasting Impressions.

Every brand has a unique story to tell, and Gigaavvy taps into an audience’s core human truth to produce content in a style and voice that is authentic to them and the brands trying to reach them. Now, thanks to Studio4, that story will be told in greater detail and to a larger audience.

What Engaging Content Does For Brands

Video helps customers understand the businesses they transact with and the products they purchase. It’s a necessary interaction that helps engender trust and affinity with the brands they support and align with. It’s always the case that consumers are more inclined to like and purchase from brands that they devote time to engaging with. Video is a potent storytelling tool, able to evoke strong feelings in an audience and generate lasting memories.

That increased engagement has positive effects for SEO strategies as well. Engagement is a big part of how Google measures the quality of a website’s user experience (UX), which is a large factor in the latest update to its search ranking algorithm. More time on page equals more engagement, better UX scores, and ultimately, higher ranking on search results.

Video is also a powerful tool for humanizing a brand, showing the faces behind it, and building authentic relationships with its advocates. It helps consumers better understand who they are interacting with, which builds trust, affinity, and familiarity — all factors that support strategies for growing brand equity.

And those intangible benefits translate into stronger results on balance sheets. Videos improve web traffic, generate and nurture high quality leads, and ultimately trigger conversions. Hence, Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing survey, which reported that 81-percent of marketers said integrating video in their marketing plan had a direct and positive impact on sales.

This Is Just the Beginning

Studio4, Gigasavvy’s in-house content creation studio, was designed from the ground up to meet the growing demand for high quality multimedia content from both our current clients and prospective customers, as well as to directly address the broader consumer trend towards highly engaging content that charismatically tells authentic brand stories.

We are thrilled to have an opportunity to show what can happen when you combine strategic brand expertise, visionary creative concepting, and an experienced production team into a one, fully realized production house.

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Kyle Johnston

Kyle Johnston, Founding Partner

As one of Gigasavvy’s Founding Partners, Johnston has been instrumental to the success and growth of Gigasavvy into the company it is today—a full-service marketing agency working with well known, inspirational brands to drive results through passionate storytelling and innovation.

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