Digital Marketing Trends Part I: What’s in Store For Digital Marketing in 2015

Now that we are well into the year, discerning which marketing predictions made last year that will remain a focus in 2015 is abundantly clear.

Looking at the state of marketing in the technology age, and where it is likely to go in the future, we see the trends that are no longer prophesied, but can be confidently declared a permanent reality. Of course, by permanent we mean, at least until technology changes…

Here is what’s in store for digital marketing in 2015.


Marketing Campaigns Will Be Localized and Targeted

Marketing is shifting from globalization to localization. This year, the shift will be exponentially greater than years past. The world is more connected because of technology, but consumers are resisting homogenization. As a result, marketing is becoming more regionalized, more localized, and even more individualized. Localized and hyper-targeted marketing is not a trend that will fade, but rather a concrete marketing brick here to stay. Localization will transform how we think about and how we manage both regional and global brands. Marketing efforts will need to move towards a more targeted and decentralized approach where regional and local influence will be a required measurement in every marketing and advertising strategy.

Communication Will Be Personalized and Personable   

Anything and everything that can be personalized in 2015 should be personalized. What does this mean? Well, two things: personalization of content and personalization of brand. Not only will content become even more personal and targeted to specific audiences (possible thanks to big data), but also brands and companies will have to move toward a more personal and personified communicative style. This two-fold method of personalization will continue to close the gap between brand and consumer. In an essence, the more a brand behaves like a personal friend to a specific customer or potential customer, the better it is for both parties.

Brand Ambassadors and Influencers Will Have More of an Impact on Results

Partnering with key influencers who can create content for their audience that promotes your brand will become more common in 2015. Influencers have built huge, engaged, and loyal audiences on hard-to-crack networks like blogs and Instagram. In addition to incorporating some model of an ambassador program into your marketing strategy, consider using influencers for sponsored content programs. Sponsored content is no longer just for mainstream media sites. In fact, sponsored content with key influencers is a solid form of targeted (personalization and localization anyone?) advertising with individuals who have built credibility with their audiences.

Mobile Integration and Mobile Marketing Will Be Mandatory

In Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing Survey, one of the most notable statistics to come out of the survey was related to the “rising tide” of mobile integration and mobile marketing. In the survey, 46% of respondents noted using some form of mobile marketing. Compared to 23% in their survey last year, this is a huge increase in mobile marketing. Not only is this increase telling of the trend, other statistics also confirmed that mobile integration is no longer an option—it is a requirement. Marketers also note in the survey that all other implemented marketing technologies are more effective across the board when mobile is integrated. This pattern further supports mobile and shows it is not just an isolated channel, but rather a key component of the customer experience, and required supporter of any marketers other strategic channels.

Overall, between mobile, local, and personal relationship marketing, the year will see a fall in universal “world” campaigns and the communication gaps between marketer and customer will shrink even further. It will be an interesting year ahead, and one that is bound to give birth to creative and genius new marketing campaigns.

Want more? Stay tuned! Content marketing trends that are going to stick around this year is coming soon.