How To Be Every Public Relations Specialist’s Favorite Blogger to Work With

Alyson Blogging for PR

The Gigasavvy team likes to keep it real, so we’re going to let you in on a little secret about working in blogger outreach: we have favorites. Oh snap! Hate to break it to you, bloggers, but we do. We  have very good reasons for our favorites being favorites though, and because we actually want to love all of you to pieces, we’re going to share them with you. Here are the things our favorite bloggers do…

Alyson Blogging for PR

Bloggers Respond to Emails

This sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But it’s so nice to get a response to an email even if it’s a quick “no thanks.” It’s a common courtesy that is, unfortunately, not so common anymore. Writing back even when you can’t make it to an event or participate in a campaign tells us, “Hi, I see you, and I want to have a working relationship with you.” Also, you totally get bonus points for fast responses.

Bloggers Follow Directions

Nobody likes nagging people. When a blog post is done on time with a disclosure, when a tweet includes the correct hashtag (whatever it is we asked) we are so delighted. So delighted that we blow kisses at the screen and talk baby talk like we just saw a puppy. Probably shouldn’t have even told you that. But that is how happy it makes us. Yeah, we’re nerds like that.

Bloggers Communicate

Being a blogger that everyone loves to work with isn’t about being perfect all the time. It’s about those times when things don’t go perfectly, and you handle it with professionalism. If something comes up and you can’t meet your deadline, please just let us know! Otherwise, we are left to make our own assumptions, and that’s rarely a good thing. We’re very creative people with crazy-vivid imaginations. We might think you got kidnapped by pirates, eaten by sharks, ooh– kidnapped by pirate sharks..!

Bloggers Let Us Know When Their Posts Are Live

Yes, this could fall under the communication category, but it’s so important it deserves its own mention. Bloggers, we LIKE reading your blog posts! We love sharing them with clients, and we like promoting them on social media. It’s not some existential quandary when we tell you we can’t promote what we don’t know exists. It makes things so easy when you email to tell us that the post is live and include a link.

Bloggers Are Consistent As All Get-Out

If there’s a blogger we know we can count on, you bet your boots we will work with them on a repeat basis whenever possible. It’s the same as how we keep going back to our favorite Starbucks because we know they get our orders right. When putting our campaigns together, a known quantity is a huge bonus. Heading into a new project knowing what to expect of one another takes the stress out of it. Consistency makes this possible.

If you do these things, we will love you forever. No promises on naming a kid after you or anything, but we will be forging a fabulous relationship and making beautiful media together.