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Influence That Tastes Delicious: Meet The Gigasavvy Social Club

Marketing, Agency News 11.05.15 | 4 min read

If there’s one thing we at Gigasavvy are passionate about beyond our industry, it’s Orange County. “The O.C.” is our home, and we love working with businesses and people who also hail from this area. Also, if you’ve followed us on social media for any length of time, you already know that we love to eat. We’ve established ourselves as bigtime foodies and make no apologies for the drool covered keyboards we may or may not have caused with our albums of tasty eats on Facebook. With our passions for marketing, Orange County, and food our latest new program, The Gigasavvy Social Club, just came naturally.

What Is The Gigasavvy Social Club?

The Gigasavvy Social Club is an elite group of hand-picked social media influencers. Some of them are bloggers covering subjects such as family, lifestyle, and yes, food. Others are people who have large followings on platforms such as Twitter or Instagram. What these individuals all have in common is a large amount of local influence here in Southern California. What Gigasavvy has created is a way to connect these influencers with Orange County restaurants in a mutually beneficial program that results in full bellies and great exposure.

Gigasavvy partners with these restaurants to host influencer events. We invite members of our Social Club to the event to try out some of the culinary masterpieces The O.C. has to offer. They in turn take to Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, and their blogs to get the word out about the delicious things they have experienced, and what they have learned about these local gems. So far, the events have created quite a buzz.

Gigasavvy social club members Emily, Lala, and Shannon

The Gigasavvy Social Club Generates Huge Buzz at Savannah Chop House with #Gigasavvy

appetizer from Savannah Chop House
The Savannah Chop HouseGigasavvy Social Club event took place in late August. Gigasavvy took over the patio at Savannah Chop House in Laguna Niguelwith a group of 80 influencers and guests to try the new menu and meet the hot new chef, Chris Tzorin. Everyone’s thumbs flew furiously as they couldn’t wait to capture dish after glorious dish.

Talk about food porn. Instagram followers were treated to a combined 205 photos from 48 contributors, reaching over 74,000 people. The food photos received over 330,000 impressions. After a stomach-stuffing evening of incredible food, 241 contributors tweeted over 700 times. These tweets reached over 600,000 people and received over 3.4 million impressions. A major highlight of the evening was #Gigasavvy trending for the Los Angeles area during the event. When the night was over, we couldn’t wait to do it again.

Small Restaurant Maro Wood Grill Gets Big Exposure

For the Gigasavvy Social Club event in mid-September, we partnered with Maro Wood Grill in Laguna Beach. The intimate beachside setting allowed for a total of 25 influencers to enjoy delicious all-organic Argentinian delicacies on the candlelit patio. Once again, everyone couldn’t get enough of sharing the beautifully presented 9-course tasting menu.maro wood sangria drink

The small group of influencers put up some pretty big numbers on social media that night. A total of 275 tweets were generated by 56 contributors. The tweets reached well over 500,000people and received over 1.4 million impressions. The Gigasavvy Social Club alsoshared 131 photos on Instagram, each one looking more delicious than the last. The photos reached 37,000 plus people and received over 200,000 impressions. The food was so good that some of us nearly had to be rolled home.

In addition to sharing their pictures, remarks, and OMGs about the food and ambiance of each restaurant, influencers post reviews on social media and their blogs, further expanding the exposure in addition to providing valuable feedback. Through these events we have been able to accomplish exactly what we set out to do: connect influential people with special places in Orange County for fantastic exposure and great food. We can’t wait to continue the program in 2016.

Are you a restaurateur looking for more exposure for your Orange County-based restaurant? We should talk.

Interested in joining the Gigasavvy Social Club? Apply here.


Kyle Johnston

Kyle Johnston, Founding Partner

As one of Gigasavvy’s Founding Partners, Johnston has been instrumental to the success and growth of Gigasavvy into the company it is today—a full-service marketing agency working with well known, inspirational brands to drive results through passionate storytelling and innovation.

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