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Meet Our Gigasavvy Designers

Branding, Strategy, Production, Design, Culture 01.12.24Reading Time 1 minutes

The Gigasavvy creative crew might be small, but their impact on client projects is huge. Yet, there’s more to them than just work. Even off-duty, they’re constantly crafting. Welcome to Part 4 of our blog series, where we spotlight our extraordinary designers, exploring their unique talents and the inspiration behind their stunning creations.

Meet the Designers: Teague Anderson

How did you fall into design?

I always loved making things when I was younger, and my love for design was born when I had to make PowerPoint presentations for my classes. I always wanted to flex on everyone with how good mine looked and how cool my slide transitions were.

How would you describe your design style?

I would describe my design style as sophisticated. I really like clean and simple, but like to add a little flare here and there to avoid work becoming too stagnant or boring.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from everything! Our whole world was created by a Designer, and there is no shortage of inspiration to draw from. Whether it’s beautiful nature scenery or cruising up and down aisles in the grocery store looking at packaging, it is always fun to see the different ways people express their creativity.

What type of projects would you work on full time if you could?

I would work on branding projects full time if I could. It is so fun to see a brand come to life from nothing, and to set someone up for their future success as a business. The whole process from logo development, to colors/type, to applications etc. is really enjoyable and rewarding.

Gigasavvy is a brand strategy firm and creative agency that is passionate about helping brands craft their authentic story. Contact us for help with your brand.


Mitch Fait

Mitch Fait, Creative Director and Partner

As Creative Director and Partner at Gigasavvy, Mitch brings a passionate storytelling perspective to all creative aspects of the agency. His insatiable need to create, his thirst for life, as well as his undying, but sincere belief that anything is possible (if you work with the right people), has molded and shaped Gigasavvy’s creative philosophy.

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