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Brand Strategy Consulting


Part brand strategy.
Part storytelling.
All impact.

In today’s world, brand strategy matters more than ever. A successful brand helps align you with your customers and employees, building unbreakable ties that create loyalty and long term success.

Brand strategy is the cornerstone that gives your business clarity and direction. It is the combination of insights, vision, and strategic direction that create your story and connect you with your customers. A brand is one of the most powerful tools your business has. If it’s not working for you, is it working against you?


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What’s Your Brand Opportunity?

We roll up our sleeves and get to know your brand: who you are today, where you’re going, and how we can support your vision.

Executive Workshops
Competitive Analysis

Market Research
Consumer Studies


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Build a Brand Strategy that Gets You There

Your brand is your identity. But how do you capture your entire organization into a unified strategy? We help you articulate your brand vision with the tangible and intangible factors that define your business.

Brand Positioning Strategy
Visual Brand Identity
Voice and Messaging


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Fulfill Your Brand Promise

Your strategy can only come to life when your brand experience reflects your vision. We’ll help you launch your brand in a way that gains attention, creates excitement, and establishes clarity in your way forward.

Launch Planning
Employee Engagement

Campaign Creative
Ongoing Brand Management

What’s Your Brand Strategy Challenge?

Launching a New Brand

Whether you’re launching a product or a new face for your company, building a brand can be an exciting project. But a powerful brand strategy is so much more than just a name or a logo. A careful, process-driven approach will set your brand up for long-term success, but requires resources. Let us do the heavy lifting and build a unique brand identity that inspires your customers and employees for years to come.

Your Business is Evolving

Times change; now, faster and more drastically than ever. You’ve expanded your capabilities and your current brand strategy isn’t a reflection of who you are today and where you are headed. And maybe your brand isn’t as powerful as it was five years ago. Whether you need a brand refresh or rebrand, let us help elevate your brand perception so your customers can see just how much more value you deliver.

Build Customer Loyalty

It’s no secret that it’s much easier to retain an existing customer than win over a new one. But competition is fierce, and you need to connect to your consumers in a way that matters to them. Let us reshape your brand perception so you can deliver on your value promise and turn loyal customers into brand advocates.

Foster Brand Culture

A brand isn’t just for customers. If done correctly, your brand strategy will inspire a cohesive internal culture that makes employees proud to be part of the team. Whether you’re looking to align your sales team or to be a more sought-after employer, we’ll help you review your brand from an employee’s perspective to translate your vision into a more effective brand experience.

Brand Strategy Consulting Services

Our brand strategy consultants build brands with the power to command awareness, start conversations, and drive loyalty.

Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning and Identity
Brand Architecture
Brand Voice, Messaging & Design
Internal Employee Branding
Brand Experience
Brand Management

Why Choose Gigasavvy as Your Brand Strategy Consultant?

  • We are a top brand strategy consulting agency with a track record of success
  • We focus on developing powerful brand images across a broad range of areas
  • Our full-service brand strategy consultant and execution services will take your business forward
  • Our combined experience sets us apart as a brand strategy consultancy team that includes creative, brand management consulting, and marketing research skill sets
  • Our brand management consulting services range from brand strategy consultation through brand execution, to support you through every stage of your journey
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