Gigasavvy Brand Bowl: Our Favorite Brands Reimagined As Football Teams

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The Big Game is over, Tom Brady proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s the GOAT, and you’ve probably seen every Super Bowl ad a dozen times already. Like clockwork, everyone is sharing their favorite ads of the season, but the big story this year centered around brands like Budweiser, Pepsi, and Coke, which chose to sit on the sidelines while also using their reach to raise awareness for the COVID-19 Vaccine. These circumstances have left the door open for challenger brands like Fiverr and Vroom to make bold a statement and reach new audiences.

While everything felt a bit different this year, there were still a handful of the usual star-studded affairs featuring Timothée Chalmette and Winona Ryder (Cadillac Lyriq), Matthew McConaughey (Doritos), Jason Alexander (Tide), and Drake (State Farm). That’s what got Gigasavvy’s creative team thinking, “What if we flipped the expected on its head; what might that look like?” And the Gigasavvy Brand Bowl was born.


HI-CHEW Unicorns

HI-CHEW is a candy that is not only known for being unique but stands for the greater good of encouraging others to embrace their own uniqueness. It’s ok to be different and dance to the beat of your own drum. It’s all about being confident with who you are. The unicorn is exactly that. It embodies the idea of being unique and different with an entire rainbow of confidence. So let’s agree to be ourselves, and we’ll be champions no matter what.


hi-chew unicorns football uniform design tyler oslie


Oi Guardians

This creative iteration displays Mother Nature as Oi’s Super Bowl team mascot in a fun, modern way. The greens and topography lines call back to the earth, while the black lines make a bold statement.

Oi has a world-focused mindset when it comes to their company values and goals, and I wanted to display that here as well. Our earth and our womanhood are worth guarding and protecting, and we can only succeed when we come together and defend them as a team.


oi guardians football uniform brittany davis organic initiative


Nationwide Eagles

Focusing on “Nationwide Pride”, this creative execution gives off a sense of protection and security. The logo takes the form of a family crest – which symbolizes the shield of protection around Nationwide Pet customers. The Nationwide eagle has been redesigned with its wings wide, to show how wide its protection extends – Nationwide! This sense of security allows the team to feel free and victorious!


nationwide pet eagles football uniform gigasavvy brand bowl brittany davis


Flame Broiler Flames

With the Flame Broiler Flames, we really wanted to capture the magic of Flame Broiler and what it stands for as a brand, which is a quick and easy way to eat “Simply Healthy”. To do so, we started with a very simple, minimalistic geometric illustration style, bringing to life Flame Broilers bold branding with a fun and edgy SoCal flair.

The Flame Broiler Flames bring the heat every time they step out onto the field, with their superior defense and an offense that is Simply Magic! This Southern California based team never fails to delight with a healthy dose of style and flair that always leaves their fans feeling satisfied.


flame broiler flames football uniform gigasavvy brand bowl nicole pawloski


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