Case Study

Bringing High Fashion to Mobile Devices

Once we got our first shipment of handcrafted leather accessories from Ullu, we were hooked. Their amazing design & expert craftsmanship left no doubt they were manufactured in many of the same factories as some of the world’s most recognizable fashion brands. Over the course of almost three years, we teamed up with Ullu to launch their brand on a global scale. From building out multiple eCommerce websites, to effective cross-channel marketing, we were able to give Ullu the launchpad it needed to bring an international brand to market here in the US.

  • 379% growth in year over year eCommerce website traffic
  • 133% growth in year over year eCommerce revenue
  • 2 state of the art website builds (design, UI/UX, development & launch)


Take a brand completely unknown to the world, and establish it as a symbol of luxury in the saturated mobile device accessory space by developing a unique eCommerce experience to sell a high priced product in a price driven market. No big deal right?


Get creative. To accomplish our goals and objectives, we first had to design a digital experience as sexy and luxurious as the products themselves. From thoughtfully executed photography, to high fashion design and clever UX, we started concepting and designing the second website only a few weeks after launching the first. Continued marketing efforts focused on leveraging numerous celebrity endorsements, the products’ quality craftsmanship, and the fine materials they were made of such as alligator, stingray, and ostrich. After a lot of hard work, we were proud to create an identity that truly differentiated Ullu from the rest of the market, driving hundreds of thousands of dollars in eCommerce revenue in the brand’s early stages

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